Saturday, June 05, 2010

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

I went to visit my BFF in Harrisburg over Memorial Day weekend, and my rental car had SIRIUS Satellite Radio in it. Although I quite enjoyed the '80s and New Wave stations, I spent most of the time rockin' out to Hair Nation. And that's the station that gave me this week's vid because, when the DJ announced that he was playing Quiet Riot's "The Wild and the Young," I immediately thought, "hmmm, I don't think I know that one," but it only took me two seconds to realize that not only did I remember it, but also hadn't forgotten a word after all these years of the song collecting dust in a dark corner of my memory banks. The volume went up, my singing was bad, and I may have even pumped a fist once or twice.

I couldn't remember the video until checking it out today, but now I definitely remember seeing this on MTV all the time. Any video that features Wink Martindale is a winner in my eyes.

And hey, wild, young people, don't forget to enter this month's caption contest! It's boobtastic!


bearockr said...

Hey there Becky, I really enjoyed watching the video you posted, and given that Its been around 2 months since I've not blogged anything and been away from music, This video was definitely a jump-starter for me ! I'll read more of your posts too !

LiLu said...

You little fist pumper you. LOVE IT.

Play Rock Guitar said...

Good video.
I think the singer died last year, (Kevin DuBrow) which was a shame and a loss.

words...words...words... said...


Billy said...

This might be damning with faint praise, but I have always thought of this as The Best Quiet Riot Song Ever. And it has Wink Martindale!!

Billy said...

One more comment after having watched that lovely video: Kevin totally stole 90% of his moves from Steve Perry. Just sayin'.

Malcolm said...

What I remember most about this video is how Kevin Dubrow's "hair" on top of his head had gotten thicker since the "Metal Health" era.

Jay Amabile said...

I got to meet Dubrow a few times and interview him as well----he was a great guy. Just so easy to talk to and a generally happy guy. Great video!


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