Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Firecrotch of the Year

The suspense is over! And, even though the poll results are visible, this year's announcement really is suspenseful because the voting ended in a tie!

Of course, this puts me in the rather uncomfortable position of having to break the tie with my own vote. I tried to get some advice from firecrotch expert Brandon Davis but, when I called, I was told he was at the doctor getting his oil changed. It's a lengthy, complicated process and I just didn't have the time to wait. So, the decision fell completely on my shoulders.

So who will it be? Words Words Words or McGone?? McGone or Words Words Words??

The winner of the most coveted award in all of blogdom is...McGone!

Congrats, McGone. Even though your blogfire went out long ago, your man bush still burns.

Sorry, WWW. I just thought McGone's winning quotes were funnier overall. His January quote is still one of my absolute favorites. And you won last year, bitch, so stop crying. And put down the gun.


McGone said...

Hot damn, I'm having one of those "Everything's coming up Milhouse" kind of days. I don't have a speech prepared, but I'd like to shake WWW's hand and buy him a beer. The guy brings the funny.

Also, I owe you, BeckEye, a beer and cashier's check, as per our "in case of a tie-breaker" agreement.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Oh McGone......champ of all the cool kids blog contests.

I bow down to your greatness...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's an honour to be in the presence of such snarky greatness. And well done sucking it up for the tie-breaker, Beckeye.

Gwen said...

McGone: winning blog contests without a blog since 2009.

Congratulations, sir! You're a funny, funny man.

Ed said...

Screwed AGAIN!

Now I know how Paris Hilton feels.

SkylersDad said...

Congrats to the two big wieners, er, winners!

Heff said...

Well, fuck me runnin'.

Anonymous said...

You took notice of my question, maybe you can help me?

Everytime my girlfriend is on all fours and Im fucking the hell out of her, I smell her poop. Is this normal or should she clean herself better?

J.J. in L.A. said...

Congrats McGone! I was so lame, 99% of the time I didn't even enter the ring.

BeckEye said...

Anon - Someone paid attention to you on the Internet! How exciting! Anyway, I can't help you because I don't believe you have a girlfriend. A goat, maybe.

GW Mush said...


ok, when I'm doing my goat, i smell its poop. I believe that is normal cuz goats dont use toilet paper.
I might gert a girlfriend for Christmas :)


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