Saturday, December 04, 2010

Internet Sensations of 2010

And already the "Best Of" crap starts. As promised!

I thought about doing a Top 10 or Top 5 list of this year's Internet sensations but, being the cyber-supernovas that they are, most of them are usually forgotten after a few months. Instead, I'm going to honor the two Internet stars that are still burning brightly in our universe, and who have the best chance of some day turning up as the answer to a question in Trivial Pursuit or—gasp—maybe even Jeopardy!

#2 - Bear Vasquez, aka Double Rainbow Guy
How many of us can say we've seen a double rainbow? Hmm, not too many, right? Well, how many of us can say we've seen a video of a double rainbow while an unseen dude orgasms/cries/loses his mind over it? I'm betting all of your hands went up. While we still might not know what it means, one thing is for sure: it's so intense.

These days, thanks to the brilliant bastards at Auto-Tune the News, every great Internet sensation gets their own Auto-Tuned song, and I've already decided that the "Double Rainbow" song will one day be my wedding song. And this may partially explain why no guy has asked me to marry him yet.

#1 - Antoine Dodson
Attempted rape is no laughing matter, but somehow this flamboyant Alabama man made it so. Reporters invariably choose the strangest people to interview, and not one to let the media down, Antoine gave probably the greatest "eyewitness account" in TV news history.

Antoine quickly (and smartly) cashed in on his newfound fame and, based on his website and other TV/Web appearances, he seems like a totally cool guy. I'd love to hang out with him. As long as it's not in Lincoln Park, 'cause, well, you know.

And if Antoine's interview itself wasn't good enough, the subsequent "Bed Intruder" song turned out to be better than half the crap on the radio.

Make your own bid for Internet stardom by entering my most recent (and final) caption contest!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Glad to see Antoine Dodson get the #1 spot. I understand he bought his family a house with the money he earned from Autotune the News.

I saw a double rainbow about three weeks before Double Rainbow guy did and now realize I totally blew my opportunity for internet fame.

Scope said...

Antoine sounds like a special guy. I will leave it at that, lest he comes looking for me.

Ed said...

I saw the Double Rainbow guy when Daniel Tosh interviewed him on Tosh.0. He's a trip.

Cora said...

I actually have that double rainbow song on my I-pod. Sad, isn't it? I know.

Did you see the wild turkey vid Bear Vasquez did too? He was just as ecstatic to see a bunch of birds in the woods as he was to see the rainbows!! Wow. Fun fella though. :-)

cube said...

I have seen a double rainbow. Thankfully, I have never seen Antoine Dodson... and hope I never will.


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