Sunday, February 05, 2012

Puppy Bowl Pre-Game!

Well, sports fans, it's the big day! Today, the cutest puppies from shelters around the country will gather on the gridiron and compete to win the most important award ever—your hearts. Yes, at 3:00 ET, the Puppy Bowl returns!!

OK, so today may be better known for a game featuring big dumb human animals. Like most Americans, I will be in front of the TV at 6:30 to watch said game, which will hopefully end with the Giants snatching another Super Bowl victory from the waiting, greasy hands of Bill Belichick and his gang of over-confident cyborgs. But since the Steelers aren't in it this year, I really don't care. No, that's not true. I care. I care because (cover your ears, puppies) I hate. I hate the Patriots. Die, Patriots, die.

Aaaanywayyyy...even though the Super Bowl gets most of the attention, the Puppy Bowl is really where it's at. "It" in this case is enough cuteness to turn your brain to cotton candy and cause all your internal organs to liquefy into some sort of butterscotch syrup. So really, if you watch the Puppy Bowl, you could probably die. But it's definitely worth the risk.

Take a gander at this year's starting lineup! (For optimum squeals, click the photo to enlarge.)

Row 1: Abilene, Anthony, Augusta, Brandy;
Row 2: Calvin, Delilah, Eurika, Fonzie;

Row 3: Friday, Fumble, Gracie, Hollie; Row 4: Hunter, Joni, Leroy Brown, Lucie;
Row 5: Malie, Marbles, Montana, Oscar; Row 6: Penelope, Pepper, Pinky, Portia;
Row 7: Prancer, Puddin, Richie, Salem; Row 8: Shiloh, Sweetie Pie, Tattoo, York.
(Is it just me, or does Tattoo look just like Jim Jones of My Morning Jacket??)

And even though it's ruff picking out my favorite pups, these three are my early front-runners to take home the MAP (Most Adorable Player) award:

L-R: Aberdeen (Australian Shepherd mix),
Josh Baskin (Jack Russell/Pug mix), Ronnie (mutt).

I'm also predicting that this year's Puppy Bowl is going to be the best one yet. Why? Three little words: PIGLET PEP SQUAD. Now all that's left is to figure out a way to incorporate baby seals (or adult seals, for that matter) into this, and we will have reached the apex of human achievement.


Hippo Brigade said...

A puppy bowl?! Are you kidding me? SQUEEE!! I want to kiss all their baby faces

SkylersDad said...

Damn I just love this!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Would it kill them to have a couple of otter announcers?

Puppy Bowl and license to eat chicken wings is the only conceivable reason to hold a Super Bowl.

Scope said...

I missed the Puppy Bowl. Was out running errands. (And I'm fighting a "can we get a puppy" battle right now (I think our place is too small), so exposing our daughter to that level of cuteness would have been a bad move.)

And now Eli can stick it to Payton.

Alice said...

we flipped over to the puppy bowl during halftime, so we got to see some of the kitten halftime show. the kittens, while adorable, mostly looked kind of terrified of all the confetti.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Lingerie Bowl is way better. Not even close.

Actually, we watched the old "Bud Bowls" on youtube. I miss those. I miss Bud Dry . . .


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