Friday, May 11, 2012

American Idol 11: The Predictable 5/10/12 Results

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, last night Hollie Cavanagh was shipped back to Wee Britain or wherever she was from, setting the stage for an all-growling, grunting and wailing American Idol Top 3.

In another completely unsurprising turn of events, J.Lo's much-ballyhooed performance was utterly hilarious. I don't know how the woman can sit in judgment of singers, then go on stage and lip-sync and/or semi-sing to an Auto-Tuned backing track. Apparently, her balls are as big as her butt.

I think the only thing I'd give a thumbs-up to from last night's results show is David Cook's performance. I dug his new song. The guy isn't making world-changing music or anything, but I tend to generally enjoy his brand of melodic arena rock. It helps that he doesn't have the douche factor of, say, Daughtry.

On to next week, where the judges' Chosen Ones will have to battle it out with the seemingly unstoppable (by anything other than kidney stones) fan favorite.

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Scope said...

Hollie made it about as far as she could go. Probably further than she deserved. I think for all the harping they did on her for not having an emotional basis for her songs, I think Jimmy was on the right path. I'd rather it be that, than say, "She's 16, YO!" Jessica not having one, either, so simply aping Etta James & Tina Turner on stage to make the songs sound real.

In the finally, I hope The Philly Phanatic pees a big old kidney stone on stage the size of a Chicago 16" softball.


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