Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sonic Sunday: Feelin' Good Part III

This is the third and final installment of the "Feelin' Good" mix - designed to put you in a good mood on Sunday, making the hell that is Monday a little easier to take.

If you haven't already, don't forget to check out the songs from Part II. The mp3s will be gone by Tuesday. (The mp3s from Part I are already gone, but you can still gaze longingly at the songs here.)

1. "Baby I'm A Star," Prince and the Revolution - Hey, look me over/Tell me do u like what u see/Hey, I ain't got no money/But honey I'm rich on personality

This has long been my favorite Prince song (just beating out "Kiss" by a nose), and it never fails to make me feel energized. There's a reason this song was saved for the end of Purple Rain. I guess. Although I don't really know if there was a reason for that movie, period.

2. "Damn Good Times," They Might Be Giants - I'm not much of a natural dancer/But I've got a friend who's a natural dancer/You could call her a jumpin' bean/She's got ants in her pants and she's gonna dance

As the title and lyrics suggest, you will have a damn good time dancing around to this one.

3. "Good Times," INXS and Jimmy Barnes - I'm gonna have a good time tonight/Rock 'n' roll music gonna play all night/Come on baby, it won't take long/Only take a minute just to sing my song

It actually takes Michael (God bless his soul) and Jimmy 3 minutes and 52 seconds to sing their song, but that's good because you can cram more good times in there.

4. "I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)," Nick Lowe - Well, I could see her now in her tight blue jeans/Pumping all her money in the record machine/Spinnin' like a top, you should have seen her go/I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll

If you really think about the lyrics to this song, it could seem a little depressing. Nick is basically bemoaning the loss of his old "party girl" friend, who is now marrying a total stiff and letting her inner rocker die. But with the rollicking melody and King of Bouncy Tunes, Huey Lewis, providing some backup and harmonica, it's just a big ball of fun.

5. "Love Me Like The World Is Ending," Ben Lee - This is the first day of the future, and all I want is you/I wear a pair of socks you left here/But I know, I know, I know, nobody could ever fill your shoes

My brother, J-Fred, introduced me to this song last year, proclaiming it "the best pop song of 2007." Since I firmly believed that Arckid's "I'll Stick Around" was the best pop song of 2007, I wasn't really that into it at first, but the sweet little ditty soon won me over. Now when I look back at my Top 20 of 2007, I definitely think Ben should've had a spot on the list. I probably could've bumped John Vanderslice or David Vandervelde. (Not that I have anything against guys with V names, I just don't like those songs that much anymore.)

All of this great music can be purchased at Amazon:

Prince and the Revolution, 'Purple Rain'They Might Be Giants, 'The Spine'INXS, 'Shine Like It Does: The Anthology'Nick Lowe, 'Basher:The Best of Nick Lowe'Ben Lee, 'Ripe'
And now that I've got you in a good mood, put your funny hat on and enter this month's caption contest!


Soda and Candy said...

Aw yeah, Aussies on the list!!! said...

Hi, nice to meet you, please submit your blog to my blogger comunity and let someone else get it

Doc said...

Dang! This is the final installment? I was kinda hoping this was going to be a regular feature.

I wore out two cassettes of this INXS album, so it certainly gets my vote, and you can't go wrong with They Might Be Giants for good time music. I had a girlfriend in high school who turned me onto TMBG. I ditched the girlfriend, but kept the tape.

Oh crap. I used the words "cassette", "tape" and "album". I am showing my age.

No time to worry about that now, 'cause I'm going to put on my dancing shoes! I can't remember when I've had such good aural. Thanks dear!


BeckEye said...

Doc - Sonic Sunday will remain a regular feature, it's just this theme that's ending. No more happiness for you!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Why are you trying to make us feel good on a Monday? Shouldn't we just we wallowing in our misery? That's hard to do when there is good music around, missy.

LiLu said...

Someone may have reminded me of this song yesterday. It may or may not have made my day.

(Hint: It totally did.)

red said...

I love Ben Lee. That is all.

CDP said...

Excellent list, that's one of my favorite Prince songs.


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