Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekly iPod Wars: Battle #7

Soooo...last week's battle between Billy Idol and Led Zeppelin ended in a tie. Therefore, yours truly gets the deciding vote. And being of sound mind and body, I pick Zeppelin OF COURSE. Seriously, people, I like Billy Idol as much as the next guy (well, unless the next guy would consider ranking him above Plant & Co., and then obviously I don't), but come on! And those of you who suggested that this particular Zep song is a weak spot in their catalog not only made me break out in hives but have also been put on my watch list. There's something very off about you people.

Anyway, it's on to this week's battle, in which Led Zeppelin squares off against Pete Yorn. This could be a tough one. The Zep song is pretty intense but that Yorn fella sure can write a jingly, jangly, catchy tune.

Vote for your favorite track in the comments section!

Song #1: "Ten Years Gone," Led Zeppelin


Song #2: "Life on a Chain," Pete Yorn

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekly iPod Wars: Battle #6

So, what did we learn from Battle #5? Just that Billy Idol still has it. (And to be honest, even though he's looking a little worse for wear these days, he could still have me.)

Although Billy's ballsy rock handily beat the softer sounds of City and Colour last week, he's up against a real monster this time around. His opponent? Oh, just a little band called Led Zeppelin.

Now, turn up your speakers, rock out and then vote for your favorite song in the comments section.

On a side note: I'm sorry that I haven't had much time to blog lately, but I just got a new job so I'm getting acclimated to having a much earlier start time and actual responsibilities that don't leave room for me to blog during work hours. Hopefully, I will be back in the swing before, uh, ten years have gone by.

Song #1: "To Be A Lover," Billy Idol


Song #2: "Ten Years Gone," Led Zeppelin

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekly iPod Wars: Battle #5

Well, kids, Battle #4 was a close one. It may have ended in a tie if not for a last minute vote from Dr. Ken, who helped Billy Idol beat two-time champ Squeeze by a nose lip.

Billy's opponent this week is a much more current artist and, surprisingly, not British! It's City and Colour, aka Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green. (My iPod is at least getting closer to my homeland.)

This City and Colour song is a track from the new album, Little Hell, which got an honorable mention on my Best Albums of the Year (So Far) post. It might actually end up on my year-end list because it's grown on me a lot more over the past month or so.

So what will it be, folks? A nice, new acoustic number or William Broad's raunchy reworking of William Bell's soulful "I Forgot to Be Your Lover?" Vote for your fave in the comments section!

Song #1: "To Be A Lover," Billy Idol


Song #2: "We Found Each Other in the Dark," City and Colour

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Open Letter to Everyone Who Makes That Hand-Heart Symbol on a Regular Basis

To Whom It May Concern:

I am requesting that you cease and desist this smarmy form of communication.

Failure to immediately discontinue this cloying behavior will result in me quitting my job and uprooting my life so that I may wander the Earth, breaking the fingers of all who refuse to comply with this request.

I'm Not Kidding

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekly iPod Wars: Battle #4

Although last week's battle drew kind of a lame voter turnout (but I can't really bitch too much because I've been a lame blogger of late), Squeeze became the first two-time winner with their easy triumph over the much lesser-known Flesh For Lulu.

Can Glenn, Chris and the boys make it three weeks in a row? It's possible, but the lads-next-door are up against a snarling tough guy this go-round: Billy Idol! Hey, another British artist! Imagine that! My iPod's anti-American leanings surely have placed me on a watch list of some kind.

Vote for your favorite in the comments section.(Yes, I'm still promising to get you people a fancy poll in the near future.)

Song #1: "I Can't Hold On," Squeeze


Song #2: "To Be A Lover," Billy Idol

Friday, August 05, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Friday

So, can we still sing "It's Friii-eeee-day, Friiii-eeee-day," every Friday, or is that officially over? Should we all be out planking instead?

Have you ever seen a dress made out of wee-wee pads? If you answered "yes," you either know some very interesting people or you watched last night's Project Runway. If you answered "no," perhaps you should check out my Project Runway recap over on Starpulse.

And while you're clicking bright, shiny links, don't forget to vote in this week's iPod war.

Why do we say that someone was ON a television show but IN a movie?

The Change Up looks so bad. So so bad. Isn't the body-switching plot well dry yet?

I signed up to be an extra in a certain comic book-based movie currently being filmed in Pittsburgh, but I haven't received a call back yet. I'm guessing I'll never be getting that call. Dreams of meeting/marrying Gary Oldman? Dashed, yet again.

Speaking of things shot in Pittsburgh, I can't believe this horrible new show, Dance Moms, is taking place right in my backyard. It's on right after Project Runway, but as soon as I see the opening seconds—which usually consist of heavily made-up little girls crying and some evil blob of a woman braying at them like a donkey—I have to angrily turn it off. And don't even get me started on Toddlers & Tiaras and this French Vogue 10-year-old sexpot scandal. Does a society that keeps allowing this kind of "entertainment" even have the right to be shocked when teen girls develop eating disorders and/or end up pregnant?

Are there people who actually like Blake Lively? How is this broad famous? How is she dating Leonardo DiCaprio? He's one of our generation's finest actors and she has maybe one or two more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart. Seriously, did anyone see The Town? Thank God she was only in it briefly. I was waiting for her to just look straight into the camera and say, "I'm a BAD girl! I do drugs! I'm slutty! I have a baby! Can't you see how wicked bad I am??" I don't know about everyone else, Blake, but I can see how bad you are.

On Wednesday, some idiot sent out a phony press release stating that Etta James had died. Said idiot posted the news on an impostor TMZ site, which has since been taken down. Harvey Levin will no doubt bleed the impostors dry, and I have no sympathy for them because Etta's my girl!! While Etta is still alive, she's unfortunately in very poor health, suffering from leukemia and dementia.

Sadly, Annette Charles, who played Grease's Cha Cha DiGregorio, did pass away on Wednesday. Kenickie went earlier this year, and now Cha Cha's gone?? Can someone please keep an extra close watch over John Travolta?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Weekly iPod Wars: Battle #3

Well, despite Glenn Tilbrook's insistence (well, Chris Difford's insistence, technically) that he can't hold on, he can and he did. Hence, Squeeze is the new iPod Wars champion (take that, Macy!), and as such, they must now go up against...yeah, another British band. OK, so my iPod's proving me a traitor to my own country's music. What are you gonna do about it??

Before deciding how to handle my musical treason, take a minute to vote in this week's battle. I realize that Flesh For Lulu is a bit obscure (although this certainly isn't the first time I've mentioned them) but I hope you'll give them a chance before just voting for Squeeze again. Because, while I love Squeeze, this FFL song is one of my favorites ever. Don't let that sway your opinion, though, because I say that a lot. Too much, actually.

Song #1: "I Can't Hold On," Squeeze


Song #2: "Sleeping Dogs," Flesh For Lulu

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

NOW It's Summer

Jeez, Hugh, way to make us wait until the season's almost over.


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